Introduction (welcome)

An Abstract Image Welcome to the Goblinfoot Labs portal. This page is just he beginning...

The Styles and Classes

Another Abstract Image This Template mainly relies on a set of 4 colors

  • #6F7850
  • #929E6A
  • #7C8269
  • #002200

This design is very simple and has only 2 classes to align the images and the rest are just divisions(DIV's) which handle the layout

  • .img-left
  • .img-right

These two classes as they suggest align the images to left or right.
The image to the right is aligned using the img-right and the image above is aligned to left using the class .img-left.

The Side headings are achived using border-top and border-left in the style for <h2>...</h2> tags. so just use a h2 and the style is achived.

The Rights

This template is Open Source. Which means that you can use this template in any way you want to use, do whatever you want at your wills and fancies. I would appreciate you if the "design by Kalyan" tag is left alone and thats your wish.

Feed Back

And i would to love to have feedback from you ppl. you can mail me your suggestions...etc etc to


Welcome to the Goblinfoot Labs homepage.



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