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Official Sponsor of the California Rays link
If you are visiting the Los Angeles area, be sure to take a tour of the magnificent C-SeaCore Dome, home of the two-time superbowl champion California Rays. Head coach Gary Kubiak and owner/general manager Luke Miller regularly give tours of the stadium and the various facilities vital to building a successful NFL franchise. Guest are often treated to a lunch buffet with CARays stars, such as Superbowl XVI MVP, QB Doug Alford, 2007 Rookie of the Year, HB Barry Harrison, and All-Pro DE Kyle Vanden-Bosch. Catch the excitement that is NFL football in LA.

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C-SeaCore Industries has made a committment to being on the cutting edge of non-traditional civilization building. In 1993, C-SeaCore Industries was a consultant for the U.S. government when it was constructing a research center on Antarctica. C-SeaCore Industries was there when plans for the International Space Station were being formulated. And as of this past year, C-SeaCore Industries owns and maintains the only deep-sea, fully self contained civilization. Dubbed "New Atlantis",

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